Cannabis Edibles vs Smoking Effects

What are cannabis edibles? Cannabis edibles or marijuana, are food products that contain marijuana. They can come in different forms such as gummies, pastries, sweets, and beverages. They contain THC and CBD which makes someone have the feeling of being high. Smoking we all know is burning marijuana and consuming it through inhaling. Cannabis edibles vs smoking effects are different in the following ways.

The absorption of THC is different

Cannabis edibles vs smoking effects differ as they have different absorption rate of THC. Edible marijuana is known to be as strong as smoked cannabis. When you ingest marijuana, its THC is metabolized by the liver which is converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC. This active metabolite is effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier resulting in a more intense high. When inhaling, THC travels directly to the brain. This is why the smoking effect of marijuana comes on quickly and diminishes faster.

Edibles are difficult in dosage

Edibles take a long time approximately 30 minutes- 2 hours without making any change after using in someone’s body. Consumers may overestimate the dose and end up taking more in which we all know that excessive THC is harmful to the human body. When it starts reacting one may begin to hallucinate. On another hand when smoking marijuana, it goes directly to the brain and starts experiencing the feeling that you want. Cannabis edibles vs smoking effects differ depending on dosage.

Healthy alternatives 

Cannabis edibles vs smoking effects differ when it comes to health. It is well known that smoking is harmful to our bodies; so many people opt to use edibles in consuming marijuana. 

Smoking can damage our lungs and cause coughing and may also lead to other diseases. Unlike edibles, there are no health barriers. When it comes to health, edible cannabis is more preferred than the smoking effect.

Effects and Duration

When taking edibles one should be patient since edibles take a long period of time approximately 30 minutes-2 hours since after consuming it takes a process to digest to the liver and flow to the blood in order to be detected to the brain. When you take excessive edibles it may be harmful, so you are supposed to be patient. Unlike smoking effect has an immediate effect since it goes straight to the brain.


Cannabis edibles vs smoking effects have a similar characteristic as they both damage the brain cell of the human body if it is highly consumed. One may start to hallucinate and others become mentally disordered

In conclusion, the above are Cannabis edibles vs smoking effects. You are advised to be keen when it comes to the consumption of marijuana using the two methods that are medical marijuana vs smoking effect. None of the two is the best. If you experience any problem with the two, you are advised to seek immediate medical assistance.

Tale of Two Strains

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