Which is safer? Smoking or vaping

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical substance found in varying degrees in the different types of cannabis available. THC is the cannabinol compound that produces the high whenever the drug is consumed. While the drug has enjoyed recent use for medicinal (and recreational) use, a controversy exists especially among users on what method of consumption for the drug is safest, or better, which produces the least health hazard. This has thus raised the question to medical researchers who have (albeit scantily) delved into the contrast of the means of delivery of the cannabinol ganja express dispensary.  

Smoking is the most common and the most conventional method of ingesting the drug. However, with increase in innovative technological devices, vaping pens have grown to be an established form through which cannabis users have consumed THC.  

Smoking involves active burning of the ingredients of the weed which are inhaled by the consumer. This allows for one to consume the ingredients in their fullness, with only little escaping during inhalation. Vaping, otherwise known as vaporizing, on the other hand involves heating THC substance (mostly aerosols) to temperatures less than the combustion level, causing THC laced vapor to rise and is inhaled by the consumer. Vaping involves the use of a vape pen or a desktop vaporizer.  

Both means have their own health advantages and disadvantages. Among these include: 

  1. Vaping produces stronger effects than smoking  

In a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2018, it was concluded that vaping produces substantially higher rates of the characteristics associated with the ‘high’ feeling induced by THC, as compared with consumption by smoking.  

This was especially observed in infrequent users of the drug. Symptoms of anxiety, nausea and the blood level of the drug in the participants were much higher for them who ingested by vaping.  

  1. Vaping Produces more Flavor than Smoking 

Seeing as ability to induce flavor in the drug is one of the main factors that inspired the alternative shift for users from smoking to vaping, flavors provided in vaping attracts many a fan.  

  1. Smoking is more Low Maintenance Compared to Vaping 

In addition to being quite expensive, vapes require to be properly maintained especially after a vaping session. It is more like owning a glassware, a factor that is not experienced when doing some smoking the classic way.  

  1. Vaping Unlike Smoking, does not Produce odor 

This is a big factor for them who wish to be discreet enjoying their THC. While smoking the traditional way tends to have too much odor, using a vaporizing device tends to be much more discreet. Even more alluring is the fact that only little or sometimes no smell is left behind when going the vape way. This is in sharp contrast with the smoking. 

  1. Vaping Tends to be Less Risky to one’s Health 

One of the prominent pro-vaping debates is that it is a much cleaner form of consuming cannabis. This is so given that only the vapor from the strain is consumed, which leaves out many harmful ingredients in the weed so consumed therefore making it a less damaging alternative. 

While many people have a preference to vaporizing as a means of consuming their drug of choice, many are entrenched into the ritual that is inherent with the traditional smoking. The arguments for and against each method are mostly subjective and preferences are often based on tastes and one’s experiences with either means.   


Over the past years, research has been conducted by several scientists to determine the effectiveness of smoking cannabis towards relieving stress. From the studies and findings, the reports of those smoking the substance indicate that majority of them get relieved from stress after the intake of cannabidiol. 

Although it has been confirmed that CBD has a positive effect on stress reduction, it is highly dependent on dose levels. High doses are not encouraged because they are known to cause increased anxiety while low doses do well in stress reduction hence recommended. 

Marijuana is known to affect neurotransmitter GABA, that has the ability to stop anxiety.  GABA levels are the ones targeted to reduce anxiety levels, lower cortisol (stress hormone). If you must use CBD as a stress reliever, ensure it is in low amounts to reduce other health risks. 

Cannabis are highly regulated substances, therefore, it is difficult to get permits for studying the drug. Only few studies that have been published have addressed the issue concerning THC effects on stress or THC level effects on stress. The amount of THC ingested into the body system after smoking the marijuana substance determines the quantity levels hence dosage. 

It has been found that, at low doses THC reduces stress and high doses have opposite effects on the user. It is therefore highly important to consider dosage administration levels while using THC for relieving stress. 

When placebo pills verses THC milligrams are administered, they operate differently in the body system of a human being. When administered in milligrams, they are considered effective in stress relief compared to the placebo pills when psychosocial tests are done. 

When administered in the right dosage, CBD helps to reduce anxiety, tension and stress levels. Absorption of excess THC to the body system after smoking the substance, leads to increased anxiety as well as negative moods.  

 It is highly important that the cannabis effects together with pharmacological constituents associated with it are examined under conditions that are controlled. This is due to the fact that the use of both non-medical and medical cannabis is becoming widespread. Regulatory bodies are making it difficult to carryout such research resulting to wide use of cannabis for medical purposes with less scientific foundation. 

Many addicts of marijuana, are highly dependent on the drug because they have no other option or an alternative to help deal with  issue of stress and anxiety. Overuse of the drug could result to other serious health issues like excess anxiety. No matter how hard it is to conduct research on this topic, researchers should consider carrying out more research on the impacts of smoking CBD on not only stress reduction but also on other health benefits and the risks that come with its usage. 

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Why some seniors prefer THC to induce sleep

Aging is associated with many health related conditions. One of the most common is sleeping disorders. Most seniors have difficulty in falling asleep or maintaining the sleep at night. This negatively affects their performance during the day and the quality of life. One of the options used by some people is consuming cannabis that is rich in THC. THC refers to tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound found in cannabis Skunk’s Oasis in Vancouver

Searching for a solution to insomnia 

Sleeping disorders in seniors is linked to aging brain. Similarly, other health conditions that are common among aged people worsen the problem. Sleeping problems in seniors require more actions to enable them have quality sleep. In some cases, people resort to use of drugs. Cannabis is one of the options for those who live in areas where its use is legal. It contains a compound famously known as THC.  

THC and sleep 

Human brain has special receptors called CB1 receptors. These receptors are also found in the spinal cord, and they play a role in regulation of the nervous system. When one consumes THC, it binds with the special receptors found in the brain. THC has a compound called terpenes, which is known to boost sleep. It lowers neural activities in the brain. Apart from boosting sleep, they are used in pain management, reduces inflammation, and boost mood.  

Several studies promote the idea that consuming medical cannabis like THC before sleep can help a person to fall asleep. The cannabis product used should have higher concentration of THC. THC is known to manage REM disorders, a condition that makes people to physically react to what they dream. This product reduces the time taken in REM stage of sleeping, hence less dreams. 

Why some seniors prefer THC to induce sleep 

Studies suggest that THC is less addictive compared to other opioids and other sleeping aids. It is also claimed that it is less dangerous as compared to other sleep-inducing medications. Additionally, THC reduces conditions that distract or lower the quality of sleep. 


Majority of seniors who use THC only use trial and error method. This is due to lack of sufficient information about the public use of the product. Due to controversial issues related to cannabis, it can even be more difficult to get the product itself. People who reside where it is legal to use cannabis products should seek advice from doctors. As a general guide, where legal, users should start with low dosages as they monitor their sleep patterns. Most importantly, individual people will respond differently to the product, hence it should be used with caution. 

In conclusion 

Most people with sleeping disorders will rarely consider it as a health condition, while others will resort to use of drugs. Therefore, some sleep disorders require medical intervention. Some sleeping disorders can easily be solved by observing healthy habits and avoiding distractors just before retiring to bed. For example, avoiding heavy meals before going to bed, listening to soothing music and avoiding watching the TV for extended durations can be helpful. 

Some people use THC to help them manage sleep. Whereas it might be helpful, it could also alter the performance of other drugs that the person could be using. Whichever the case, it is a good idea for patients to discuss their choice with medical experts.