High Time for Cannabis Legalization in Europe?

In the last 20 years, the interest in the treatment of conditions such as cancer, depression, sleep, and neurological disorders by cannabis and cannabinoids has been growing in patients and scientists. Some EU countries, therefore, approve or intend to permit some form of medicinal cannabis or cannabinoid use. 

However, there is broad variance in terms of authorization of products and how their supply is regulated by the regulatory frameworks. Small amounts of recreational cannabis have also been decriminalized, but selling and cultivation are not allowed. Efforts to prohibit recreational cannabis have failed in Europe, but access for medical purposes remains difficult. 

A stronger solution is to legalize the cultivation, selling, and use of cannabis under a system of public monopoly so that its use can be regulated. To guarantee the reliability of customers and sales, the state must place the price higher than it does today. This will also increase considerable tax revenues and slash public expenditure on law enforcement. 

Probably many cannabis experiments, including in Luxembourg. are already underway. Nonetheless, a broader solution will further benefit users by maintaining plant safety standards. It also will provide the patients with stronger guarantees, improved drug awareness for physicians, and more research investment. cannabis legalization in Europe will also provide agricultural economic opportunities. 

Consider legalizing weed for recreational use 

The discussion on the legalization of recreational marijuana is split, but the much-needed legal changes surrounding the medicinal and industrial use of cannabis should be retained. 

Governments continue to disagree as people continue to be divided. Around this incredibly flexible plant, there is a heavy cultural stigma. For example, cannabis could only be used to produce drugs, food, textiles, bioplastics, bioplastics, biofuels, cosmetics, and green buildings. Land regeneration for the environment is also a significant value of cannabis. Also, “medical cannabis” does not only apply to EU-authorized products extracted from cannabis, but also to cannabis preparations like raw cannabis, plant oil, extracts of cannabis, and others. 

We should discuss the recreational use by adults of cannabis because regulating the entire chain from cultivation to purchase will benefit society, ensuring that healthy products are sold on the market. Legalization will lead to phasing out black markets and transfer profits from organized crime to public services, with the correct legal structure and effective compliance structures. However, data from the history of European Union countries that have already legalized recreational marijuana should be collected and evaluated to assess the benefits and drawbacks of such a change in policies. 

Prioritize access to cannabis 

Total legalization is the most effective way to regulate cannabis order ganja via web As long as we are separating medicinal and leisure use, we have more trouble in providing convenient access for people who use cannabis for medicinal practice. What is the reason? Since the medical profession uses other principles to work by, they need to conduct comprehensive work to identify different conditions for which cannabis can be prescribed. They will decide on the requirements to be administered. These factors are taken together and do not include patients. 

In an exceptionally wide range of situations, cannabis is beneficial. This has proved to be a safe and effective method in the recovery cycle across centuries of experience. Ultimately it is better left to the doctors and patients to determine how to use cannabis. We cut off a large percentage of patients by unnecessarily taxation and leave them at the whim of the illegal market. 

This trap can only be avoided through full cannabis legalization in Europe. We can only govern entirely through legalization. There is a very good example in Canada. They have legalized and controlled, and are now enjoying the advantage of their decision. 

The EU should provide member states with information by measures such as directives. It should do it right now, but it has still not taken the initiative with medical cannabis. Each Member State has, therefore, no idea what it will do concerning EU policy on the use of cannabis. Certainly, it cannot force a country to comply with an order. For any EU member to legalize cannabis, however, this would result in more immediate and homogenous legislative changes. 


EU can provide the Member States with information using resources such as directives. This may be done with medicinal cannabis at present, but the project has not been pursued yet. Each Member State has, therefore, no idea what it will do in EU policy about the cannabis legalization in Europe for medicinal use. Brussels certainly cannot compel a country to comply with a directive. To legalize cannabis for every EU member, however, this will result in more rapid and effective legislative reforms across the EU. 

Cannabis Edibles For Senior Citizens

Leaving aside the disposition towards more diseases and other issues, aging is often accompanied by generic pains, anxieties, and inflammation. Modern technology and awareness have propelled the discovery and eventual legalization of medical marijuana. THC extracted from medical marijuana can be infused into foods and drinks commonly brownies, cookies, smoothies, chocolate bars, drinks, pills, snacks, candy, spreads and more, to help ease the process of consumption. Despite their bizarre names, AC/DC, Cannatonic, Ringo’s Gift, Harlequin, Harle-Tsu, Critical Mass, Pennywise, Sweet and Sour, Stephen Hawking Kush, and Valentine X are the best low key and mild strains best for seniors. 


Scientists have proven remarkable results on the effects of marijuana to various ailments and diseases. Among the primary reasons for medical marijuana dispensary getkush, is the help it gives to cancer patients, especially when undergoing chemotherapy. The consumed cannabis helps reduce most of the multiple effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, at once. Senior citizens who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can also turn to medical marijuana to assist with symptoms of appetite loss and depression that come along with the degenerative brain disease. Most, if not all people, experience some pain in their later years. Medical marijuana relieves pain from joint pains like arthritis and nerve damage with combat glaucoma and deals with anxiety and mental disorders that may come with old age. 


Marijuana has been proven not to be as addictive as has been previously portrayed. Also, there are no records of anyone ever dying from a marijuana overdose. Medical marijuana contains powerful antioxidants whose side effects are significantly lower than most pharmaceutical drugs and is less costly. THC consumption has also proven to help seniors with sleep, anxiety, depression, stimulates appetite, lowers opioid use, helps with arthritic pain, lowers incidences of migraines, acts as an inflammatory, and helps in forgetting bad memories improving the quality of life. Medical marijuana has proven to reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Parkinson’s disease.  


Seniors, medical practitioners, most governments, and insurance companies are turning to this form of medication. More doctors and medical personnel are being educated on how to find the right strain, dose, and delivery for their patients and also anticipate and advise on expected side effects, if any. It is possible to experience the benefits of microdoses of THC without intoxication. However, as opposed to smoking cannabis where the effects are felt almost immediately, the onset of consuming cannabis edibles is it takes up to 2 hours, but the effects last for a longer duration. For this reason, especially for seniors, a small increase in dosage can have massive effects. Small and strict doses should be administered under physicians’ recommendations.  

Tips of travelling with cannabis across the USA

It is worth noting from the onset that traveling with cannabis across the United States of America is prohibited in the country. Therefore, whenever you opt to carry some cannabis with you when traveling across states, you need to be very careful so as not to be caught and ruin your travel or road trip. Some of the penalties that you could be slapped with once you are caught traveling with cannabis include paying fines, serving a jail term for the extreme states, or your cannabis being thrown away. This article will, therefore, delve into the tips that you need to follow when traveling with cannabis across the USA. 

Pack your cannabis safely 
Whenever you make a choice of carrying cannabis with you, it is important to ensure that you pack it in a safe place so as to avoid being caught. You ought to know that the TSA will not be checking your luggage to find out whether you have cannabis in your possession, but are concentrated on explosives and bombs. This being the case, therefore, once you pack your cannabis in a safe place, it would be a hard nut for local authorities to find it. For instance, in case you want to travel with cannabis blunts, the best place to pack it is in your cigarette pack. It would take a miracle for the TSA to search your cigarette pack, thus enabling you to travel with your cannabis freely. 

Carry with you small amounts 
The number one mistake that you could ever do while traveling with cannabis across the USA is being greedy and carrying large amounts of cannabis. This would be very stupid of you, as the chances of the authorities searching the luggage in which you have carried the cannabis. This being the case. Therefore, you need to carry very small amounts of cannabis, in order to make it hard for local authorities to locate it. The ideal amount of cannabis that you could travel around the country with is one ounce, as that is a very small amount for authorities to charge you with. 

Do not panic 
It is understandable that the TSA officials are intimidating with their dark sunglasses. Nonetheless, it is important to note that they are not doing the searches in order to find cannabis but explosives. This being the case, in case they notice that you are panicking, they will force you to unpack your luggage so that they can search. That is why you should not show any signs of panic whenever you are traveling with cannabis across the country. In case you find yourself panicking, then leave your cannabis at home as you will sell yourself out. 

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